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The Principles of Life #1

So… I haven’t really used this much. But… it’s never too late to start again! Ew I’m so old now :(, I’m a first year university student and I’m 18.. bleh >.<. Although the key to this principle is that … Continue reading

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Observation #1: You exist because of someone else.

Your soul only exist because of someone else. Because that someone else remembers you. If they didn’t remember you, then how will you exist? How will they know your age, your personality. Of course you would know it, but who … Continue reading

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Life Quote 1:

OKAY OKAY OKAY SOOOOOOOOOO I’ve been pondering how to phrase this quote for a REALLLY long time. Then I was giving advice to a friend and was able to piece it together. Although, I think there’s a better way to … Continue reading

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Test 2

OKay, so now I have to try and type alot because clearly this isn’t working out so far……OKay, so now I have

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So I’ve got a blog….YAY 🙂 I’ve been waiting for this for quite a while so I could share my wacky ideas and thoughts with the world and its feedback! So far I’m just testing this stuff for my teacher … Continue reading

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