The Principles of Life #1

So… I haven’t really used this much. But… it’s never too late to start again! Ew I’m so old now :(, I’m a first year university student and I’m 18.. bleh >.<. Although the key to this principle is that I'm still a kid; in heart and in soul.

I've already told people about it, but I want to claim it right here and right now before anyone else does. I mean, I don't mind anybody using it… (ugh getting into all this copyright and trade marking stuff….)

Anywho, to the point of this life principle: What you do not do or say to in front of or at a child, you should not do or say to in front of or at anyone else.
More simply: What you do not do to a child is what you should not (do not) do to anyone else.

For example: Cussing, dirty activity, Anything in terms of law(murder, and other stuff…), showing a bad example, cutting corners(cheating), ignoring rules [like jaywalking (of course I sometimes do it… but they understand why when they grow up?…{NO EXCUSES T_T})].
Hence, I write "should not" above; of course there are times when rules must be broken in order to create positive change or for other circumstances that would be supremely beneficial You can say things like the overthrowing of tyrants or oppressors (USA, France, etc).
However, this is no excuse/ explanation for religious activity like what has happened for ISIS or Charlie Hebdo. This is also not an explanation/excuse for the recent police murders that have happened recently with Michael Brown in Ferguson and for Eric Garner of New York City. [NOBODY SHOULD BE MURDERED/KILLED].
In terms of suicide, I have no say as I've gone on a tangent….

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