Observation #1: You exist because of someone else.

Your soul only exist because of someone else. Because that someone else remembers you. If they didn’t remember you, then how will you exist? How will they know your age, your personality. Of course you would know it, but who would care? Because nobody remembered it, then you do not exist to them.

Let’s go with a scenario. One day you met a friend and you did something awesome like win a sports tournament. Then on the next day. You find this guy but he has no recollection of you in this sports tournament. He doesn’t remember you, therefore he doesn’t know you, and thus, you did not exist to him {in the sense of that memory. [Of course he sees you (and therefore you exist, matterwise),but he doesn’t remember the sports tournament with you in it.] Therefore you do not exist to this friend because he does not remember you.}

We can say the same thing for Adolf Hitler. If everybody in the world decided to forget about him. Then who would have proof that he existed? (Excluding the camps.) Of course today we know that Adolf Hitler exists because the people who experienced his product of hatred and war tell us about it. It is engraved in their memory. And we all believe that Adolf Hitler exists. If none of us believed that Adolf Hitler existed, then who are those victims? Are they liars or something? If we go all scientific about this, how do we know that their recollections are true?

1 more example. I will claim that Jose Sentiada existed. Okay great. Nobody else believes me, so he exists through me and nobody else. I believe he existed. I mean some real guy named Jose Sentiada might have existed but nobody else remembers it so they don’t think he did. Therefore only through me does he exist and therefore exists because of somebody else.
Kind of take a look at it like a ghost.

Also, these scenarios are all made up. 😛

THERFORE PEOPLE, TREASURE OTHERS because they make you exist.

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